Jun 26, 2017

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Conservatives agree pact with DUP to support May government.

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Mrs May shook hands with DUP leader Arlene Foster as she and other senior party figures arrived at Downing Street on Monday to finalise the pact. She also said sources also hope the deal might make it easier for the two sides in Northern Ireland to reach an agreement on power sharing because it eases up constraints on public spending. On other legislation, the DUP's support is not necessarily guaranteed - although the Northern Ireland party is expected to back the majority of the government's programme for the next two years after many of its more controversial policies were dropped. Theresa May fell nine seats short of an overall majority after the snap election, meaning she is reliant on other parties to pass legislation, including relating to the terms of the UK's withdrawal from the EU. The support of the DUP will give her an effective working majority of 13, given that Sinn Fein do not take up their seven seats and Speaker John Bercow and his three deputies - two of whom are Labour MPs - do not take part in votes.

Shark sparks panic as it washes ashore on beach

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The shark, believed to be eight feet long, sent swimmers racing for shore after it appeared in shallow waters on Cala Major beach, between Magaluf and Palma. Lifeguards raised red flags to clear holidaymakers out of the sea, before the Guardia Civil conducted a search of the area. Crowds watched as it was pulled from the water by lifeguards, before being put down by wildlife experts from nearby Palma Aquarium. A spokesman for Calvia Council, which covers Illetas, said the shark appeared to be the same one spotted in Cala Major and Can Pastilla. Footage has emerged of the moment a blue shark washed ashore as British holidaymakers soaked up the sun on a beach in Majorca.

Artificial iris responds to light like real eyes

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Scientists from the Smart Photonic Materials research group developed the iris using a light-sensitive liquid crystal elastomer. The team also employed photoalignment techniques, which accurately position the liquid crystal molecules in a predetermined direction within a tolerance of a few picometers. This is similar to the techniques used originally in LCD TVs to improve viewing angle and contrast but has since been adopted to smartphone screens. "The artificial iris looks a little bit like a contact lens," TUT Associate Professor Arri Priimägi said. This new iris is therefore still a long ways away from being ready so we'll just have to keep shoving mechanical cameras into our eye sockets until then.

Facebook in talks to produce original TV-quality shows: WSJ

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Facebook Inc (FB.O) is in talks with Hollywood studios about producing scripted, TV-quality shows, with an aim of launching original programming by late summer, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. The social networking giant has indicated that it was willing to commit to production budgets as high as $3 million per episode, in meetings with Hollywood talent agencies, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The company is expected to release episodes in a traditional manner, instead of dropping an entire season in one go like Netflix Inc (NFLX.O) and Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O), WSJ reported. Apple Inc (AAPL.O) hired co-presidents of Sony Pictures Television, Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, earlier this month, to lead its video-programming efforts. The company's future programming plans include an adaptation of comedian James Corden's "Carpool Karaoke" segment from his CBS Corp (CBS.N) show that will begin airing in August.

Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Kushner company received $285M loan from Deutsche Bank shortly before election: report

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Kushner was acting as both an adviser to the Trump campaign and working at his real estate company when his firm received the loan from Deutsche Bank. Kushner also reportedly made a personal guarantee on the loan, which he did not reveal on his financial disclosure form with the Office of Government Ethics. A lawyer representing Kushner told the Post in a statement that Kushner was not required to disclose the loan because of guidance from the ethics office that “clearly states that filers do not have to disclose as a liability a loan on which they have made a guarantee unless they have a present obligation to repay the loan.” House Intelligence Committee leaders have been pushing the bank to share information about Trump’s financial dealings with Russia. The bank has denied the request, citing privacy laws that would prevent them from sharing the information.

Liu Xiaobo: China frees jailed dissident after cancer diagnosis

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Image copyrightReutersImage caption Liu Xiaobo is a poet and human rights campaigner Chinese Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo has been released from prison on compassionate grounds after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. Mr Liu, a human rights campaigner, was jailed in 2009 on subversion charges for calling for greater democracy. Mr Liu's brother confirmed the Nobel laureate had been diagnosed with cancer on 23 May, his lawyer Mo Shaoping told the South China Morning Post . The Nobel committee said Liu Xiaobo was "the foremost symbol" of the human rights struggle in China. He has three years left to serve of an 11-year sentence for "inciting subversion" after drafting Charter 08 - which called for multi-party democracy and respect for human rights in China.

SpaceX successfully completes two Falcon 9 landings in one weekend.

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The rocket’s 230-foot-tall first stage , which houses nine engines, then touched down on the drone ship called “Just Read the Instructions” floating in the Pacific Ocean. SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted that these are made out of a single piece of cast and cut titanium, and that they can withstand the heat of reentry without shielding. That’s more than a quarter of the way to the planned 75-satellite constellation intended to boost phone and data coverage worldwide, and enable better aircraft tracking. Friday’s launch was originally scheduled for last weekend, but it was scrubbed so a problematic valve could be replaced in the cone that holds the satellite (called the fairing). But the increased pace doesn’t seem to have harmed SpaceX’s track record of successful landings — and this weekend’s doubleheader is an early sign that SpaceX may be able to live up to its goal of more frequent launches.

Military using 13 satellites to keep eye on foes

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Isro These satellites, which can be used for surveillance and mapping border areas, are primarily used for keeping an eye on enemies both on land and sea. The recently launched 712-kg Cartosat-2 series spacecraft is an advanced remote sensing satellite capable of providing scene-specific spot imagery. India also has the capability to launch anti-satellite weapon (ASAT), which is meant to destroy enemy satellites. DRDO , said, "Technological capabilities indigenously evolved in the process of development of Agni-V ballistic missile can be readily employed for 'satellite launch on demand' if needed. The 5,000-km-plus missile has demonstrated capabilities of reaching well beyond altitudes characteristic of relevant satellites with payloads."

India PM Modi Invites US CEOs To Invest In India, Says GST A Game-Changer

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Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said India has now emerged as a business-friendly destination, more so with the upcoming implementation of landmark GST beginning next month, while asking CEOs of top US companies to invest in the country.PM Modi, during his meeting with the CEOs of top 20 American firms, also said that India attracted the largest amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) as a result of the NDA government's policies in the last three years. The Prime Minister pointed out opportunities for tourism through developing hotels in "PPP (public private partnership) model" at 500 railway stations, Baglay said. "In concluding remarks, PM stresses imp of coopn 4 start up, innovation &tapping huge intellectual, edu & vocational training potential in India," Baglay tweeted. The US-India Business Council (USIBC) president Mukesh Aghi said the CEOs praised the reforms being undertaken by the Prime Minister and underscore his efforts to make India a business-friendly destination. "Today, as we witness a paradigm shift in the erstwhile global order, an opportunity has emerged for both countries to set new standards in bilateral ties that will be bound by their shared values," USIBC said.

Jared Kushner's firm given $285 million Deutsche Bank loan just a month before Election Day

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Fox said in a follow-up email to The Post that even if OGE "advised there was no requirement to disclose," he would not have argued that point but "I would have nonetheless recommended Jared over report in this instance given the magnitude of the contingency and the public interest in liabilities - actual and potential - to Deutsche Bank." Leviev told the New York Times shortly after the building's purchase that he was a "true friend" of Russian President Vladimir Putin , largely through his work with an influential Jewish organization in the former Soviet Union. Few knew it at the time, but the negotiations had nearly consummated when Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, ran into Chagit Leviev on May 4, 2015, at an after-party for a Metropolitan Museum of Art gala - an encounter that was memorialized in a picture posted on Instagram. They are commonly known as "bad boy" clauses, a reference to how a lender could seek to hold the guarantor responsible for the debt under circumstances that might include fraud, misapplication of funds or voluntary bankruptcy deemed inappropriate. Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee wrote in their March 10 letter that because "press reports indicate" the Justice Department is continuing to investigate the money- laundering case, they are "concerned about the integrity of this criminal probe" in light of Trump's "ongoing conflicts of interest with Deutsche Bank."

Ohio government websites hacked with pro-IS messages

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It said President Donald Trump would be held accountable for "every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries" and ended "I love Islamic state". The message in the hacking attack contained an Arabic symbol and was written mainly in the black and white used in the flag of so-called Islamic State. Image copyrightAFPImage caption John Kasich's site was down for maintenance after the attack The message read: "You will be held accountable Trump, you and all your people for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries." A spokeswoman for Mr Kasich, Emmalee Kalmbach, said in a statement: "As soon as we were notified of the situation, we immediately began to correct it, and will continue to monitor until fully resolved." The US is currently holding high-level inquiries into alleged cyber attacks by Russia aimed at influencing the result of last year's presidential election.

Unknown facts about Salman Khan's movie Tubelight

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Coinbase is reimbursing losses caused by the Ethereum flash crash

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Earlier this week, GDAX, the digital currency exchange run by Coinbase, experienced a flash crash in its USD – Ethereum market. While many initially thought the flash crash was the result of nefarious work, GDAX eventually confirmed that there was no indication of wrongdoing or account takeover. Typically, someone placing a large sell order would liquidate their position over time to minimize the downward effect on price. Additionally, a margin funding liquidation is when you borrow funds to go long and bet that an asset will rise in price, and if the price instead drops, your position may be automatically closed to reimburse the party that lent you the money to go long. “We will establish a process to credit customer accounts which experienced a margin call or stop loss order executed on the GDAX ETH-USD order book as a direct result of the rapid price movement at 12.30pm PT on June 21, 2017.

Sketchy firm behind Trump dossier is stalling investigators

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The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month threatened to subpoena the firm, Fusion GPS, after it refused to answer questions and provide records to the panel identifying who financed the error-ridden dossier, which was circulated during the election and has sparked much of the Russia scandal now engulfing the White House. Fusion GPS describes itself as a “research and strategic intelligence firm” founded by “three former Wall Street Journal investigative reporters.” But congressional sources say it’s actually an opposition-research group for Democrats, and the founders, who are more political activists than journalists, have a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump agenda. His wife, Beatriz Garcia, formerly worked as an executive at Grupo Dina, a manufacturer of trucks and buses in Mexico City that benefits from NAFTA, which Trump opposes. Steele contracted with Fusion GPS to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia starting in June 2016, whereupon he outlandishly claimed that Hillary campaign hackers were “paid by both Trump’s team and the Kremlin” and that the operation was run out of Putin’s office. It was a dinner celebrating the 10th birthday of Russian TV network RT, and Flynn sat at the same table with Putin as US Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

Great Barrier Reef worth A$56bn, report finds

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The study was commissioned by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, a charity dedicated to protecting the World Heritage-listed icon. "This report sends a clear message that the Great Barrier Reef - as an ecosystem, as an economic driver, as a global treasure - is too big to fail," said foundation director Steve Sargent. "As the largest living structure on earth and one of the world's most complex and diverse natural ecosystems, the Great Barrier Reef is justifiably considered priceless and irreplaceable." Using economic modelling, the authors calculated the reef is worth A$29bn to tourism and A$3.2bn to recreational visitors such as divers. Lead author John O'Mahony said the results confirmed the reef had "incredible value" in terms of biodiversity, creating jobs, and reputation internationally.

The weakest defense in Washington? Saying ‘I don’t recall’

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Amnesia is often a favorite response from witnesses in criminal and congressional investigations, and it’s often the most truthful reply — but people caught up in scandals can wind up facing perjury or other charges if prosecutors can later show they were intentionally trying to dodge tough questions. Michael Flynn, the former White House national security adviser who Senate Democrats last week suggested is cooperating with federal investigators, was fired in February after giving “incomplete information” to Vice President Mike Pence concerning his calls with Russian officials during the transition. One prominent white-collar defense attorney working for someone mired in the Russia probe said faulty recollection can be especially problematic for busy White House or campaign staffers who may not recognize the significance of what may seem in the moment like a mundane event, until they’re facing investigators who home in on it. Veteran prosecutors say they rarely buy the ‘I don’t recall’ defense — and it’ll likely carry little weight in the Trump-Russia probe as an explanation for forgetting details about a 2016 campaign that played out under the constant media attention of hackings, stolen emails and warnings from the Obama White House concerning Russian espionage. During a preliminary phase of Libby’s trial, a federal district judge rejected a request from his defense lawyers who wanted a memory expert to testify to the White House aide’s challenges in keeping tabs on all his interactions in an otherwise busy schedule.

Japanese airbag maker Takata files for bankruptcy, gets U.S. sponsor

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In the biggest bankruptcy of a Japanese manufacturer, Takata faces tens of billions of dollars in costs and liabilities resulting from almost a decade of recalls and lawsuits. Final liabilities would depend on the outcome of discussions with carmaker customers who have borne the bulk of the replacement costs, a lawyer for the company said. The filings open the door to the financial rescue by Key Safety Systems (KSS), a Michigan-based parts supplier owned by China's Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp (600699.SS). The companies expect to seal definitive agreements for the sale in coming weeks and complete the twin bankruptcy processes in the first quarter of 2018. The ammonium nitrate compound used in the airbags was found to become volatile with age and prolonged exposure to heat,causing the devices to explode.

US government websites hacked with pro-Islamic State rant

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Republican presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich speaks during a town hall meeting in Rockville, Maryland on on April 24, 2016. Tom Hoyt, chief communications officer for Ohio’s Department of Administrative Services, was among Ohio officials who confirmed the hack. When asked about the outage on the Brookhaven site, a spokeswoman who answered the phone at the New York town’s police department simply offered a “no comment.” Some see these types of hacks — sometimes called “defacement” — as simply a nuisance, though in some instances, they have been disruptive to work and government life. Radical Islam infiltrating the heartland,” Josh Mandel, the Ohio treasurer and a Republican candidate for US Senate, said in a tweet Sunday.

Airbag maker Takata files for bankruptcy protection in Japan

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TOKYO Embattled airbag maker Takata Corp (7312.T) on Monday filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan and said it would seek $1.588 billion in financial aid from U.S.-based auto parts supplier Key Safety Systems (KSS). As part of the bankruptcy protection plans, KSS would acquire all of Takata's assets barring certain assets and operations related to the airbag inflators involved in the global recall in the planned deal worth $1.59 billion. "KSS is the ideal sponsor as we address the costs related to airbag inflator recalls, and an optimal partner to the company's customers, suppliers and employees," Takata CEO Shigehisa Takada said in a statement. Jason Luo, president and CEO of KSS, said in a statement the "underlying strength" of Takata's business had not diminished despite the airbag recall. The Tokyo Stock Exchange said shares of Takata would be delisted on July 27 after it filed for bankruptcy protection.

Kushner firm's $285 million Deutsche Bank loan came just before Election Day

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Now, Kushner’s association with Deutsche Bank is among a number of financial matters that could come under focus as his business activities are reviewed by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, who is examining Kushner as part of a broader investigation into possible Russian influence in the election. They are commonly known as “bad boy” clauses, a reference to how a lender could seek to hold the guarantor responsible for the debt under circumstances that might include fraud, misapplication of funds or voluntary bankruptcy deemed inappropriate. Fox said in a follow-up email to The Post that even if OGE “advised there was no requirement to disclose,” he would not have argued that point but “I would have nonetheless recommended Jared over report in this instance given the magnitude of the contingency and the public interest in liabilities — actual and potential — to Deutsche Bank.” Few knew it at the time, but the negotiations were nearly consummatedwhen Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump, ran into Chagit Leviev on May 4, 2015, at an after-party for a Metropolitan Museum of Art gala — an encounter that was memorialized in a picture posted on Instagram. The bank declined to release the appraisal, but a person involved in the deal said that such a rapid increase was unusual when New York real estate was rebounding from recession, and credited Kushner for finding stellar tenants.

Women with Star of David flags told to leave Chicago gay pride march

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LGBT Pride festivities in Chicago took an ugly turn over the weekend when three women were ejected from a march because their rainbow flags bore a Jewish Star of David. "People asked me if I was a Zionist and I said 'Yes, I do care about the state of Israel but I also believe in a two-state solution and an independent Palestine,'" Grauer told the Windy Times. Grauer is listed as the Midwest Manager of Programs and Operations for A Wider Bridge, an organization supporting the LGBT community in Israel. The Dyke March statement condemned A Wider Bridge for allegedly "using Israel's supposed 'LGBTQ tolerance' to pinkwash the violent occupation of Palestine." "An annual march celebrating inclusion and acceptance was hijacked ... by those who believe Jews do not belong to the LGBTQ community," said American Jewish Committee Chicago Director Amy Stoken.

Election hacking fears turn heat on Homeland Security

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Homeland Security officials testified this week before the Senate Intelligence Committee that they have evidence that Russia targeted election-related systems in 21 states as part of its wider effort to influence the presidential election. Mark WarnerMark WarnerElection hacking fears turn heat on Homeland SecurityAre Democrats trying to pin the blame for their own sins on Russia?Policymakers forget duty to protect taxpayers from financial failuresMORE (D-Va.), the vice chairman of the intelligence panel, said Wednesday. “Real issues exist with the designation, including a lack of clear parameters around the order which currently provides DHS and other federal agencies with a large amount of unchecked executive authority over our election’s process,” Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson testified this week. According to Homeland Security, the designation brings federal protections to polling systems, voting machines, voter registration databases and other elements of election infrastructure in the event that state or local officials request it. While lawmakers have widely praised DHS for making gains on cybersecurity — most recently in its response to the global “Wanna Cry” ransomware attack — many have acknowledged the need for the department to improve information sharing with operators of critical infrastructure.

Kellyanne Conway Defends Medicaid Cuts, Says Adults Can Always Find Jobs

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Asia stocks edge up on optimism over global growth, oil rebounds

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TOKYO Asian shares edged up on Monday on optimism about global growth while the dollar was on the defensive as a subdued U.S. inflation outlook capped U.S. bond yields. The prospect of solid global economic growth has kept alive investors' optimism over world equities even as some markets, including Wall Street, have slowed down from a frenetic run due to high valuations. Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell has pushed for a vote on the bill before the July 4th Independence Day holiday recess that begins at the end of this week. A strong reading in Germany's Ifo business sentiment survey due at 0800 GMT could open the way for a test of $1.1296, its seven-month high hit earlier this month. "This won't cause a major financial crisis considering the current strength of the euro zone economy," said Yukio Ishizuki, senior strategist at Daiwa Securities.

[Sports] - Athletics: Coleman stunned in 200 as Merritt, Bowie also lose | REUTERS

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SACRAMENTO, California Rising star Christian Coleman's weekend of disappointment continued on Sunday as he lost the 200 metres at the U.S. nationals and world championships trials to Ameer Webb. Upsets also struck in the men's 110m hurdles and women's 200 on the final day of the selection meet for August's world championships in London. Olympic gold medallists Dalilah Muhammad and Ryan Crouser provided the brightest moments for established athletes, both claiming 2017's bests. The toss came moments after reigning world champion Joe Kovacs had unleashed a throw of 22.35 metres for the lead. The U.S. lost its top 800m runner, though, as the year's fastest man Clayton Murphy was scratched from the final due to leg cramps.

Oil climbs on weaker dollar, but rise in U.S. drilling drags

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SEOUL Oil prices rose more than 1 percent early on Monday on a weaker dollar, but another rise in U.S. drilling activity stoked worries that a global supply glut will persist despite an OPEC-led effort to curb output. The U.S. dollar index stayed low on Monday against a basket of currencies amid fading expectations for the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates again later this year. "Commodities stabilised after a turbulent week where most sectors suffered large falls," ANZ bank said in a note. Although oil prices have bounced back from 10-month lows, they are still down about 13 percent since late May, when the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and some other producers agreed to extend a deal to reduce output by 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd) until the end of next March. But crude supplies in the United States, which is not part of the OPEC-led deal, have been dampening the impact of curbs.

Takata decides to file for bankruptcy: Japan media

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The firm would file a similar procedure in Japan in the coming hours, a source with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. The ammonium nitrate compound used in the airbags can become volatile with age and prolonged exposure to heat, causing the safety devices to explode. Costs so far have pushed the company into the red for the past three years, and it has been forced to sell subsidiaries to pay fines and other liabilities. Earlier this year, Takata pleaded guilty to a criminal charge of falsifying data on its inflator defects, agreeing to pay a $1 billion fine. CEO and Chairman Shigehisa Takada, the bookish grandson of the company's founder, has been criticised for his handling of the recall crisis.

Surgical strikes proved that India can defend itself, ensure security: PM Modi

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Updated: June 26, 2017 7:48 am Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India has always followed the path of development within the confines of the global order and rule of law. (PTI)Heaping praise on India’s military prowess, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the country can defend itself and has convinced the world that the menace of terrorism needs to be eliminated. Speaking at a community reception at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner, Virginia, Modi said:”When India talked of terrorism 20 years back, many in the world said it was a law and order problem and didn’t understand it. In what could be an apparent reference to China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea, Modi noted that following the global rules has always been India’s tradition and culture.He also promised to the Indian American community that he will fulfil their dreams of India’s development. Praising the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Sushma Swaraj for giving a human face to diplomacy and effective use of social media in good governance, Modi said:”MEA is one ministry of the government which has demonstrated through the use of social media, for the first time, that it cares for poorest of Indians.” He also assured the Indian-Americans that the Indian Embassy will always find a solution to any problem faced by them.

Lewis Hamilton calls Sebastian Vettel 'a disgrace' after Azerbaijan GP collision

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I didn't run into the back of him on purpose"Lewis Hamilton called title rival Sebastian Vettel "a disgrace" after the Ferrari driver drove into his car in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. Vettel was given a 10-second stop-and-go penalty in the race - won by Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo - after being adjudged guilty of dangerous driving but still finished a place ahead of Hamilton in fourth, extending his championship lead to 14 points. Hamilton appeared not to accelerate out of Turn 15, the penultimate corner, and Vettel hit him up the back, damaging the Ferrari's front wing and part of the Mercedes' floor. 1992 world champion Nigel Mansell was not impressed by the Vettel-Hamilton collisionBBC Radio 5 live's Tom Clarkson thinks the incident nicely sets up the rest of the season Frazer Shaw: Whether Hamilton brake-checked Vettel or not does not excuse using your vehicle as a weapon for the second hit. James Sunman: What Vettel did to Hamilton would be a black flag even on a karting stag do, never mind the biggest racing series in the world.

Recreational boat with 150 aboard sinks near Colombian city

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GUATAPE, Colombia – A tourist boat packed with about 170 passengers for the holiday weekend capsized Sunday on a reservoir near the Colombian city of Medellin, leaving nine people dead and 28 missing, officials said. Rescuers including firefighters from nearby cities and air force pilots were searching for survivors at the Guatape reservoir where the four-story El Almirante ferry sank. Dramatic videos circulating on social media show the turquoise and yellow trimmed party boat rocking back and forth as people crawled down from a fourth-floor roof as it began sinking into the water. Margarita Moncada, the head of the disaster response agency in Antioquia state, said that according to a preliminary report 99 people were rescued and another 40 managed to find a way to shore on their own and were in good condition. Authorities were at a loss to say exactly how many people were on the boat and asked passengers or their loved ones to report to a rescue center hastily set up along the shore.

AirAsia X flight lands after 'shaking like washing machine'

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Media captionWatch: Passenger films on board the flightAn AirAsia X flight bound for Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back to Australia after an engine problem left it "shaking like a washing machine". The pilot said the decision to return to Perth 90 minutes after leaving was made because of "technical issues" with the passenger plane. Police said marine emergency services north of Perth were put on standby to prepare for a possible water landing, the news network reports. Earlier this month an Airbus A330 belonging to China Eastern Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing in Sydney after a huge hole appeared in one of its engine casings. In December 2014, an AirAsia plane crashed into the Java Sea, killing all 162 people on board after the aircraft's rudder control system malfunctioned during the flight.

India cricket captain Mithali Raj calmly reads book before batting to calm jitters

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Image copyrightICC Women's World Cup Image caption The captain of the Indian women's cricket team reads the work of a 13th-century Persian poet The captain of India's women's cricket team caught fans' attention during a World Cup game on Saturday by calmly reading a book as she waited to bat. Her performance helped India beat England by 35 runs during the tournament's opening day in Derby, and she also broke a world record. Image copyrightGetty ImagesImage caption Mithali Raj batting against England on Saturday Raj has said women's cricket struggles to get the same recognition as men's, but she believes television coverage and social-media buzz is helping. For the Women's World Cup, which is currently taking placed in England and Wales, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has created special Twitter emojis of all eight female captains. When a television interviewer asked Raj how she felt about this, she did an impression of a shocked emoji face, and then smiled.

Jun 25, 2017

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Phil Donahue: 'Hypocrisy is killing us'

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They come back exhausted from their day at the factory, and they read the paper where a guy at a hedge fund made a million dollars on Thursday. He said that journalists should "get out of Washington" and spend more time talking with Trump's voters -- the "real people." And it tackled political and social issues before they became common fodder on television. Trump appeared on Donahue's show back in 1987 when the businessman was 41 -- long before he entered politics. The pair discussed Trump's real estate business and his new book at the time, "The Art of the Deal."

Op-Ed about denial in Muslim world being responsible in part for extremism

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ICO Review of: EOS (EOS tokens on Ethereum blockchain)

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Great Barrier Reef valued at $56bn as report warns it's 'too big to fail'

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But without ramped-up protection efforts, it warns much of that could be at risk as the reef suffers from repeated mass coral bleaching events, poor water quality and climate change. The report has been released amid a sustained campaign by environmental groups against Adani’s new mega coalmine in Queensland , which they say will fuel the biggest threat to the reef’s survival – climate change. Asked on Monday how the federal government could support the mine, when the value of the reef dwarfed its economic impact, Frydenberg said Australia’s coal was cleaner than other sources. “If Australia vacates this field, not only will we be forgoing billions of dollars’ worth of export income and thousands of jobs domestically, but somebody else will sell that coal into India and the impact on the environment could be worse in terms of emissions,” he said in a statement. The Australian Conservation Foundation said emissions from the coal Adani planned to mine would fuel the primary threat to the reef’s survival: climate change.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold their first face-to-face meeting in Washington, seeking to boost U.S.-Indian relations despite differences over trade, the Paris climate accord and immigration.

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Their White House session promises less pomp than Modi's previous visits to Washington, which included former President Barack Obama taking him to the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in 2014. But Trump administration officials have pointed to both leaders' impact on social media - each has more than 30 million Twitter followers - as proof that they are cut from the same cloth, and predicted the two would get along well. He set the United States on a path to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and accused India of negotiating unscrupulously for the accord in order to walk away with billions of dollars in aid. Meanwhile, Indian officials reject suggestions that Modi's "Make in India" platform is protectionist and complain about the U.S. regulatory process for generic pharmaceuticals and rules on fruit exports to the United States. Rick Rossow, an India expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said the frictions in U.S.-Indian relations since Trump took office on Jan. 20 add gravity to the meeting.

Trump Blames the Biggest Mistake of His Presidency on Obama

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Comey, whom Trump had fired just two days earlier, later testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that it was that warning from the president that led him to leak his account of their exchanges, which he had documented in memos. Trump, however, still sees himself as a victim, rather than the source of his own misery—and is blaming former president Barack Obama for driving him to post the infamous tweet. In an interview with Ainsley Earhardt of Fox & Friends that aired Friday morning, Trump said that he only tweeted about “tapes” because he feared his predecessor may have been spying on him. Trump, as usual, continues to make his own problems worse, repeatedly putting himself in legal jeopardy by talking publicly about his efforts to pressure Comey, and damaging himself politically by taking the focus off his domestic agenda. While casting blame on everyone else, Trump is reportedly toying with the idea of firing Mueller—a move that would all but guarantee political catastrophe for the already historically unpopular president.

At least 9 dead, 28 missing after tourist boat sinks in Colombia

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A tourist boat packed with about 170 passengers for the holiday weekend capsized Sunday on a reservoir near the Colombian city of Medellin, leaving nine people dead and 28 missing, officials said. Rescuers including firefighters from nearby cities and air force pilots were searching for survivors at the Guatape reservoir where the four-story El Almirante ferry sank. Dramatic videos circulating on social media show the turquoise and yellow trimmed party boat rocking back and forth as people crawled down from a fourth-floor roof as it began sinking into the water. Margarita Moncada, the head of the disaster response agency in Antioquia state, said that according to a preliminary report 99 people were rescued and another 40 managed to find a way to shore on their own and were in good condition. Authorities were at a loss to say exactly how many people were on the boat and asked passengers or their loved ones to report to a rescue center hastily set up along the shore.

Three killed in north Dinajpur: Lynched as cattle smugglers, family say they were construction workers

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Suspected of being a cattle thief, Md Nasiruddin was lynched in Durgapur village of North Dinajpur district. Next day afternoon, we were told of the incident,” said Ali, a resident of Dhulagach village under Islampur police station. Along with Nasiruddin (24), Nasirul Haque (28) and Mohammad Samiruddin (32) also fell victim to the mob under Chopra police station. The three who were lynched were cattle thieves and they had a record,” said Amitkumar Bharat Rathod, SP of North Dinajpur. “Last year almost on the same time clashes erupted between Hindus and Muslims in Chopra area after miscreants vandalised a rath.

Trump meets Modi: Budding romance or one-night stand? [P]

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But despite a lot of sweet talk as Modi arrived in Washington for a White House meeting Monday, the question remains whether his dalliance with Trump will be a one-night stand or will blossom into a full-on romance. Yet that close relationship has yet to materialize, due to a mix of transition dysfunction, the distractions of the urgent and a shortage of senior Trump administration officials with India experience. The Modi government, unlike some other Asian powers , has not pushed itself in front of the Trump team, instead pursuing a dual-track policy of cautious engagement mitigated by hedging. “This is an opportunity for President Trump to reaffirm India’s importance to the United States, the fact that the U.S. supports India playing a larger role in the Asia Pacific,” a senior administration official said. One big potential announcement is that, after weeks of deliberation, the Trump administration has agreed to sell India almost two dozen Guardian drones, a deal worth more than $2 billion that would represent the first such U.S. sale to a non-NATO ally.

After defeats, Democrats rudderless in Trump era

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[World] - Nine dead after Colombia tourist boat sinks in reservoir | REUTERS

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BOGOTA Nine people died and 28 are missing after a multi-decked tourist boat carrying about 170 passengers sank in Colombia's Penol-Guatape reservoir on Sunday during the long holiday weekend, a government official said. Ninety-nine people were rescued, Margarita Moncada, the head of disaster relief for Antioquia province, told journalists. Survivors on local television reports said they heard a loud noise before the boat began to sink and that not all of them had life jackets. Rescue workers and the air force were helping passengers at the scene, President Juan Manuel Santos said in a Twitter post. (Reporting by Luis Jaime Acosta and Julia Symmes Cobb; Editing by Richard Chang)

[Sports] - Spieth holes bunker shot to win Travelers in playoff | REUTERS

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Jordan Spieth holed a bunker shot to win the Travelers Championship in a playoff on Sunday and become the second youngest player in the modern era behind Tiger Woods to post 10 PGA Tour victories. In a finale that would have done Woods proud, Spieth sank his 60-foot sand shot at the first extra hole for birdie to edge fellow American Daniel Berger at TPC River Highlands. The precise execution enabled Spieth to overcome a back nine meltdown in which he putted poorly and almost allowed fast-finishing Berger to steal victory. Spieth carded a closing 70 to Berger’s 67, the pair finishing at 12-under-par 268, two strokes ahead of compatriot Charley Hoffman and New Zealander Danny Lee. “I played great today so I’m not going to be too upset,” said Berger, who sportingly gave Spieth a thumbs-up gesture when his rival holed the winning bunker shot.

Tropical Storm Dora expected to become hurricane on Monday: NHC

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MEXICO CITY Tropical Storm Dora, located off the western coast of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean, is expected to become a hurricane on Monday, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in its latest advisory on Sunday. Strengthening is expected during the next day or so, and Dora is forecast to become a hurricane on Monday," said the NHC. Dora is moving toward the west-northwest at around 14 mph (22 kmh), and this general motion is expected to continue over the next 48 hours. Parts of Mexico's Pacific coast were already hit by Tropical Storm Calvin earlier this month. Calvin brought heavy flooding that led to a damaging fire at state-owned oil firm Pemex's [PEMX.UL] Salina Cruz refinery, where operations are still suspended.

Turkey LGBT: Police stifle Istanbul Gay Pride rally

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose ruling AK Party is rooted in conservative Islam, has denied wanting to impose traditional religious values, saying he is committed to secularism. The BBC's Mark Lowen, in Istanbul, says the heavy police presence stopped people from entering Istiklal street, where the rally was scheduled to start. But now, for the third year running, it's been banned, officially because of threats from ultra-nationalist groups, but critics believe that's a convenient scapegoat for a conservative government that doesn't approve of the parade. Lara Ozlen, from the organising committee, told AFP news agency on Saturday: "It is obvious that a peaceful march is part of our constitutional right. In addition to citing the threats of far-right groups, city officials said they had not received a formal request to hold the march - a claim denied by the organisers.

90 minutes of terror on violently shaken AirAsia X flight

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Sophie Nicolas said it was an explosion on left wing, while Dave Parry remembered a strange smell wafting through the cabin. But AirAsia, which did not respond to The Washington Post , told Nine News Australia it had no reason to think the plane had engine troubles - blaming the incident vaguely on a “technical issue.” It was the second scare involving an Airbus A330 in Australia this month, with a China Eastern plane making an emergency landing in Sydney after a huge hole appeared in one of its engine casings. Less than three years earlier, another AirAsia flight crashed into the Java Sea and killed everyone on board, the result of a faulty rudder control system. For two full minutes of descent, CNN reported, passengers held the brace position - heads forward, unable to see if the plane was going to make it.

Israel targets Syrian artillery positions & ammunitions truck in 2nd incident in 2 days

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“Our policy is clear: We will not tolerate any spillover or trickle whatsoever – neither mortars nor rockets, from any front,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his Cabinet on Sunday, vowing “we will respond strongly to any attack on our territory or our citizens,” according to the AP. On Saturday, the IDF ordered an airstrike less than an hour after about 10 stray shells landed on Israel’s side of the border near Quneitra, where President Assad’s forces are battling Al-Nusra Front militants. Citing military sources, Syria’s SANA state news agency reported : “Israeli warplanes attacked services facilities and residential buildings… claiming a number of lives and causing material damage.” In March, Syria said that it had launched anti-aircraft missiles aimed at Israeli military jets after they conducted airstrikes near the city of Palmyra, and were returning to base. According to the IDF, one of the Syrian projectiles was itself intercepted by an Israeli Arrow-2 missile, prompting Israel to disclose that its planes were operating in foreign airspace.

China landslide: More than 90 missing as search continues

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Thousands of rescuers were deployed after some 40 homes were destroyed in Maoxian county, in what one local man said had been an "unprecedented" event. Qiao Dashuai told state broadcaster CCTV that his baby had woken him and his partner in the early hours, adding that when the couple opened the door of their home they were swept away by water. Heavy rain is thought to have triggered the landslide, causing the top section of a mountain to loosen, sending boulders and rocks crashing down onto Xinmo village below at about 06:00 local time on Saturday (22:00 GMT on Friday). Media captionThe rescue team has been searching for missing peopleWu Youheng, from a neighbouring village, said the area was prone to landslides but that the scale of the disaster was unprecedented, Reuters news agency reports. State media had earlier reported that 15 bodies had been recovered, but officials at the scene said on Sunday that there were only 10 confirmed deaths.

New York Pride marchers target Trump, San Francisco parties

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NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO Large crowds turned out for Pride marches on Sunday in New York City and San Francisco, the two U.S. places most associated with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights movement, with the East Coast city bringing a more political flavor to the event sparked by events there almost 50 years ago. A group of marchers heading down New York's Fifth Avenue carried photographs of U.S. President Donald Trump and his press secretary, Sean Spicer, as others waved banners bearing the word 'RESIST' and the rainbow flag of the Pride movement. But his move in February to revoke the Obama administration's guidance letting transgender students choose which gender bathroom they use, and his executive order last month to promote religious liberty have been seen by some as discriminatory. In Seattle, hundreds of people marched downtown in unusually hot weather, many in skimpy outfits and carrying pink balloons. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, the first openly gay person to hold that job, joined the parade with his husband, Michael Shiosaki.

Insurance industry warned of fire risk month before tower block blaze - FT

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The insurance industry warned the British government of the dangers of flammable external surfaces on buildings a month before the Grenfell Tower fire that killed at least 79 people. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) said in a statement on Sunday it had been calling on the government to review building fire-safety regulations since 2009 and warned in May that combustible external cladding on high rises could cause fire to spread. The British government said on Sunday that 60 high-rise buildings had failed safety tests carried out since fire ravaged the Grenfell tower block in west London on June 14. On Friday some 4,000 residents were forced to evacuate their homes in north London after the fire brigade ruled that their blocks were unsafe. (Reporting by Parikshit Mishra in Bengaluru; Editing by Susan Thomas and Andrew Hay)

Azerbaijan Grand Prix: When drivers attack - a history of road rage in F1

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The act of a driver calculatedly crashing into another to gain an advantage is no rarity in this sport - incidents involving Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher leap instantly to mind - but blind, unthinking road rage is less common. The two cars returned to the pits, where Schumacher - red mist fully descended - leapt from his cockpit and charged down to the McLaren garage, shrugging off the pleading of a Ferrari engineer as he went, where he was only prevented from laying his hands on the British driver by a wall of Coulthard's mechanics. Eleven years earlier Spa was also the scene for this famous pit lane spat, which occurred after Nigel Mansell's Williams tangled with the Lotus of Ayrton Senna on the first lap. Already livid after seeing his race ended by a tangle with McLaren team-mate Jochen Mass, Hunt then took exception to some enthusiastic man-handling from marshal Ernie Strong, who in return received a crisp right hand from the Briton, landing him square on his backside. In the interim, a certain driver by the name of Michael Schumacher was handed his F1 debut as Gachot's replacement at the Belgian Grand Prix, where his pace was such that he was immediately snapped up by Benetton and put on course for greatness.

Iridium Satellite (no. 9) being deployed from Falcon 9

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Facing FBI Bank Fraud Investigation, Bernie And Jane Sanders Hire Lawyers

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Ohio Government Websites Hacked With Pro-Islamic State Messages

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Ten state websites and two servers were affected, and they’ve been taken off line for an investigation with law enforcement into how the hackers were able to deface them, said Tom Hoyt, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. The Ohio governor’s website wasn’t loading on Sunday afternoon, and a cached version showed the message “hacked by Team System Dz.’’ It said, “You will be held accountable Trump, you and all your people for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries’’ and added, “I love the Islamic state.” Kasich spokeswoman Emmalee Kalmbach said in a statement that “as soon as we were notified of the situation, we immediately began to correct it, and will continue to monitor until fully resolved.” Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2018, posted on Facebook that the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction website had been hacked and said, “Wake up freedom-loving Americans. The same pro-Islamic State message, accompanied by music, was also shown on Sunday on the website of Brookhaven, a town on New York’s Long Island about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from Manhattan, the New York Post reported.

Ohio government websites hacked with pro-ISIS propaganda

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You will be held accountable Trump, you and all your people for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries." "As soon as we were notified of the situation we immediately began to correct it and will continue to monitor until fully resolved." Joseph Marquette, President and Founder of Accellis Technology Group in Cleveland, says this incident looks to be more of a defacing than a data breach. “It’s really more of something called "hacktivism" where they’re just looking to promote their own cause, create some measure of fear, but if they were truly looking to steal information or data, odds are they were gonna do it in a much more subversive and secretive way,” said Marquette. The Daily Mail reports the group hacked an English rugby team's site.

Grenfell response: Number of tower blocks failing fire tests rises to 60

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Communities Secretary Sajid Javid urged local authorities and housing associations to continue to submit samples “as a matter of urgency” amid a nationwide safety operation. Islington, Lambeth and Wandsworth joined Barnet, Brent, Camden and Hounslow on the growing list of London boroughs, while 11 other areas are yet to be named. Camden Council in north London announced it would immediately evacuate four blocks in Chalcot Estate in Swiss Cottage on Friday night after tests showed it had similar cladding as well as a series of fire safety problems inside. A spokesman for DCLG told The Independent that there were “no immediate plans” to evacuate any other tower block but said they were urging local authorities to take action following the tests as Camden had done. He said the towers in Chalcots Estate had over fire safety issues such as problems with the gas piping which, when combined with the flammable cladding, meant they were no longer safe to live in.

Tourist boat with 150 on board sinks in north west Colombia

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Jorge Hernando Nieto, Colombia’s national police chief, told local radio that at least 30 people had been reported missing in the accident, which was on the on the Guatapé-El Peñol reservoir. Authorities did not immediately confirm how many people had been rescued but the injured were being treated in the local hospital. Videos circulating on social media showed panicked passengers running to the top deck of the multi-storey ferry as it sank. Other recreational vessels rushed to the distressed boat, which was reportedly loaded to capacity as holidaymakers took advantage of a long weekend. Two residents of Guatapé told Blu Radio that the same boat had sunk about three months ago when it was tied at the dock.

Banks have no liability for loss of valuables in lockers: RBI

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Do not expect any compensation for theft or burglary of valuables in safe deposit boxes of public sector banks as the locker hiring agreement absolves them of all liability. Stung by the revelation, the lawyer who had sought information under the transparency law has now moved the Competition Commission of India (CCI) alleging "cartelisation" and "anti-competitive practices" by the banks in respect of the locker service. He has informed the CCI that the RTI response from the RBI has said it has not issued any specific direction in this regard or prescribed any parameters to assess the loss suffered by a customer. The common feature of all locker hiring agreements states, "As per safe deposit memorandum of hiring locker, the bank will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the contents kept in the safe deposit vault as a result of any act of war or civil disorder or theft or burglary and the contents will be kept by the hirer at his or her sole risk and responsibility. He further alleged that the bank by forming an association or cartel are "trying to limit the improvement of services which is directly affecting the competition in the market and interests of the consumer".

Italy winds up Veneto banks at cost of up to 17 billion euros

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Iraqi forces say major Islamic State attack blocked outside old city of Mosul

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ERBIL, Iraq Iraq's armed forces blocked a major wave of attacks by Islamic State suicide bombers outside the Old City of Mosul on Sunday, a military statement said. The attacks targeted Hay al-Tanak, a poor neighborhood west of the Old City, the last stronghold of the militants in Mosul. It is the first wave of attacks reported outside the Old City since the battle to capture the historic district from Islamic State started a week ago. (Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli; Editing by Adrian Croft)

More than 40 convicted terrorists have used human rights laws to remain in UK

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Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, announced a review of Britain’s counter-terror strategy last week and put Mr Anderson in charge of it. Two of the attackers in the London Bridge atrocity were Moroccan born; one of them Youssef Zaghba had been on an international watch list having tried and failed to reach Syria from Italy in 2016. Lord Carlile, Mr Anderson’s predecessor as the independent reviewer of terror legislation, said a shift was needed in the interpretation of the Human Rights Act to enable the deportation of more suspects. “The attacks in recent months demonstrates the need to protect the public and that this should outweigh the human rights of terrorists,” said Lord Carlile. Convicted terrorists who have avoided deportation include Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali, who was released in 2011 after serving just half of his nine-year sentence for helping the July 21 bombers.

Vision and screwdrivers: Macron and Merkel converge on Europe

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Erdogan dismisses pledges over weapons for YPG in Syria. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday countries which promised to get back weapons supplied to Kurdish YPG fighters in northern Syria were trying to trick Turkey and would eventually realize their mistake.

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ISTANBUL Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday countries which promised to get back weapons supplied to Kurdish YPG fighters in northern Syria were trying to trick Turkey and would eventually realize their mistake. Ankara was infuriated by a U.S. decision last month to arm the YPG, which Washington sees as a vital ally in the battle against Islamic State in its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa but which Turkey deems an extension of the outlawed Kurdish PKK. However Erdogan, addressing members of his ruling AK Party in a speech marking the start of the Islamic Eid holiday, appeared to dismiss those assurances, saying Turkey's friends and allies were cooperating with terrorists. "But it will be too late for them," he added, saying that if violence spilled over Syria's border into Turkey, Ankara would hold to account anyone who supplied arms to the YPG. U.S. President Donald Trump decided to arm the YPG fighters, who form a main part of the U.S.-backed force fighting Islamic State inside Raqqa, despite protests from NATO ally Ankara and a direct appeal from Erdogan at a White House meeting last month.

[Sports] - Record-breaker Stroll realises Formula One dream | REUTERS

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BAKU Canadian teenager Lance Stroll has described Sunday's Azerbaijan Grand Prix as a dream come true after he capitalised on a chaotic race to hold his nerve and finish third for Williams. Stroll was pipped to second spot on the line by Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas but at 18 years 239 days old he is the youngest driver to make the podium in his first Formula One season. He is also the second youngest racer ever on the podium after Dutchman Max Verstappen, who was 18 years 228 days old when he won the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. Stroll's previous best performance was ninth in the Canadian Grand Prix earlier his month. "It's tricky with the tyres to get good lap times and save them, there was a bit of everything going on," Stroll added.

[Sports] - Ricciardo glory contrasts with Verstappen misfortune | REUTERS

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BAKU Daniel Ricciardo's unexpected triumph contrasted starkly with Max Verstappen's latest early exit with mechanical problems as Red Bull pondered a day of mixed fortunes at Sunday's Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Yet Red Bull's team were gradually snapped out of their misery by Ricciardo driving to his first victory since the Malaysian Grand Prix last season. "We were totally depressed after the first quarter of the race," Red Bull principal Christian Horner told Sky F1. After retiring in Bahrain, Spain and Canada, Verstappen has not hidden his frustrations with Red Bull's recent technical issues, complaining after qualifying that the unreliable engine was limiting his progress. Ricciardo, who has largely avoided the mechanical issues that have affected his team mate, was able to spare a thought for Verstappen.

In Towns Already Hit by Factory Closings, a New Casualty: Retail Jobs

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After rebuilding, Johnstown eventually became prosperous from its steel and offered a clear path to the middle class. Its population has dwindled, and addiction treatment centers and Dollar Generals stand in place of corner grocers and department stores like Glosser Brothers, once owned by the family of Stephen Miller, President Trump’s speechwriter and a policy adviser. When Mr. Trump spoke about “rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation” in his Inaugural Address, people like Donald Bonk, a local economic development consultant, assumed that Mr. Miller — who grew up in California but spent summers in Johnstown — was writing about the old Bethlehem Steel buildings that still hug long stretches of the Little Conemaugh River. Here and in similar towns, when the factory jobs left, a greater share of the work force ended up in retail. Randy Clark remembers when his Miller’s Clothing Store, a family-run men’s wear shop, employed twice as many people and sold 20 pairs of pants a day.

Schiff criticizes Obama’s handling of Russia

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Rep. Adam Schiff, speaking on CNN, was asked about a June 23 article in The Washington Post that said Obama was told in August 2016 that Russian President Vladimir Putin was working to elect the Republican nominee. “The [Obama] administration needed to call out Russia earlier, and needed to act to deter and punish Russia earlier, and I think that was a very serious mistake,” Schiff told Dana Bash on "State of the Union." “The Obama administration should have done more when it became clear that not only was Russia intervening, but it was being directed at the highest levels of the Kremlin.” Fear of being perceived as interfering with the U.S. election likely weighed on Obama, Schiff said. Sign up for POLITICO Playbook and get the latest news, every morning — in your inbox.

CNN Is Imposing Strict New Rules On Its Russia Coverage

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CNN is imposing strict new publishing restrictions for online articles involving Russia after the network deleted a story and then issued a retraction late Friday, according to an internal email obtained by BuzzFeed News. The email went out at 11:21 a.m. on Saturday from Rich Barbieri, the CNNMoney executive editor, saying "No one should publish any content involving Russia without coming to me and Jason," a CNN vice president. The deleted and retracted a story that claimed Senate investigators were looking into a Russian investment fund whose chief executive met with a member of President Trump’s transition team. The now-deleted story was published Thursday and cited a single, unnamed source who claimed that the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into a "$10-billion Russian investment fund whose chief executive met with a member of President Donald Trump's transition team four days before Trump's inauguration." The person said CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker and the head of the company's human resources department are "directly involved" in an internal investigation examining how the story was handled.

Poll: Younger Republicans more liberal on immigration

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Young Republicans hold significantly more liberal views of immigrants and immigration than their older counterparts, reflecting a difference consistent with white Americans regardless of which political party they identify with, according to the latest American Values Atlas, a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute survey. "Immigration has been the basis of the American society, and to this day immigrants offer a great deal to the workforce, economy and overall success of America," said Goldstein, an economics major at the University of Maryland and president of the school's Progressive College Republicans. Both Kromsky and Goldstein favor a more inclusive approach than their older Republican counterparts to immigrants in general, whether or not they're living in the U.S. illegally. The election of President Donald Trump, who pledged to deport millions of immigrants living in the country illegally during the campaign, did not diminish the young Republicans' hope for a new stance by the GOP. The American Values Atlas is the result of 40,509 interviews conducted by telephone, including 24,266 of them to mobile phones, between May 18, 2016, and January 10, 2017.

Video captures teen falling from ride at Six Flags

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Video captured at Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George, New York on Saturday shows a teenage girl, who was dangling from a car 25 feet above the ground, falling from the ride into the arms of bystanders below. According to the Warren County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened on the amusement park's Sky Ride. A 47-year-old involved in helping to catch the teenager suffered from a back injury, and was treated at a hospital. According to the Sherriff's department, everything was in proper working order and all safety equipment was intact and operational at the time of the incident. "The ride is very slow-moving, gondola-style attraction that spans several hundred feet across the park, and had been brought to a stop by the operator after having received a radio transmission from park staff on the ground that a rider was in distress," the Warren County Sherriff’s Office said in a statement.

Shake, Rattle and Roll: Airline Captain Tells Passengers to Pray During Wild Flight

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But that's exactly what happened — twice — on a scary Air Asia X flight from Australia to Malaysia as the plane shook like a "washing machine" for two hours, according to passengers. "The rattling started straight away,” Damien Stevens, who was on his way from Perth to Kuala Lumpur with a friend, told NBC News. Footage taken by Stevens, the man in glasses in the video above, and his friend shows seats and passengers shaking rapidly and a rattling sound. Stevens said the airline was very forthcoming with information, though he said they told him the trouble stemmed from one of the engines and that the pilot had 44 years of experience. "The only thing I could think of was my family, because it's the first day of Eid celebration,” passenger Alia Abdul Rahim told NBC News.

Trump declines to host Ramadan dinner, breaking 20-yr White House tradition

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The White House’s tradition of holding an annual iftar dinner for Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, began under the Clinton administration, which first hosted the event in 1996. Instead of following the tradition on Saturday, Trump and First Lady Melania attended the wedding of Treasury Secretary Steve Munchin, who married Scottish actress Louis Linton. “Muslims in the United States joined those around the world during the holy month of Ramadan to focus on acts of faith and charity,” Trump’s statement said. Rex Tillerson also broke tradition earlier by rejecting a request to host an Eid-al-Fitr reception, Reuters reported last month. Eid al-Fitr closes out the month of Ramadan, a time when Muslims abstain from food and water from dawn till dusk.

Mercury poured at the base of Sabarimala temple mast

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The ceremonial installation of the new temple mast was held on Sunday morning. Devaswom Minister Kadakampally Surendran is also present on the temple premises. In his response, Kadakampally Surendran said he suspects a deliberate move to destroy the mast. Travancore Devaswom Board president Prayar Gopalakrishnan said the DGP has promised to depute a special team of forensic experts. The works of fixing para (cylindrical coverings) in the mast was completed on Saturday morning.

Danny Almonte | 30 For 30 Shorts

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Kellyanne Conway on Senate health bill: 'These are not cuts to Medicaid'

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Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway asserted Sunday that the Senate health care bill does not propose cuts to Medicaid, despite projections that it would cut the federal health insurance program by $800 billion. “These are not cuts to Medicaid," Conway said to ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" Sunday. “We don’t see them as cuts, it’s slowing the rate of growth in the future and getting Medicaid back to where it was,” she said. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office is expected to release its analysis of the impact of the Senate bill this week. That leaves in question whether the bill can win the support of at least 50 of the 52 Republicans in the Senate needed for it to pass, with Vice President Pence casting the tiebreaking vote.

[World] - Oil tanker explosion kills more than 123 in Pakistan | REUTERS

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"People of the area and passers by had started gathering fuel when it exploded, burning everybody," provincial government spokesman Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan told Reuters. Many bodies were burned beyond recognition and television pictures showed piles of burnt out motorcycles, apparently those of people who were collecting fuel or watching events unfold. Police had tried to clear the area before the tanker exploded but people ignored them, Khan said, adding that the initial crash had blocked the road, causing a traffic tailback. Khalil Ahmed, a 57-year-old former government employee who lives in the village, said he had lost 12 relatives in the fire, which firefighters extinguished in two hours. Oil is a precious commodity for villagers in Pakistan, where more than 60 percent of the population survives on $3 a day, according to a World Bank survey.